Our First Competition for this season is September 16 @ 9am! You can pay ahead of time using Pay Pal. Make sure you select friends and family option if using Pay Pal.- Your check list is on our main page of this site. Everyone still needs to report in to the registration desk as we are required to sign up for volunteer duty, usually gate duty or judging / setup duty. You can't sign up for your own rider's age group. We will help you out at Registration. 

Links to all the photos taken are on our main page. Please support our HSA cook shack! Remember, we are guests of H.S.A. Just some reminders: Drive 5mph or SLOWER! Vehicles should park near cook shack and north side of clubhouse, leaving most of the interior spaces for horse trailers. Try to park smart, leaving enough room for other trailers. NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED AT OUR EVENTS! Be kind and respectful to our HSA members. The coral areas and roadways leading to the corals are MEMBER AREAS ONLY. The warm up arena is open to all HSA members during our LVGA event. We rent out the Competition Arena and Crows Nest. The WARM UP arena is just that. It is not for speed work. There are riders of all ages in the warm up arena. Stretch your horse, warm up your horse, practice your patterns at a slow pace. Most trainers will recommend "slow-work" in the warm up area. Safety has to be number one! We will be adding some fun photos of our Diagrams of rotating events are easily found on this site. Thank you and C U THERE!!!!!!