Some things to think about:   1) No Foul Language in the arena - if you wonder if the word is okay then just don't         say it!

  2) No striking your horse in front of the cinch for ANY reason.

  3) No schooling your horse during the event.  If your horse does something you don't like, you cannot go back and fix     it after you

   are finished - that's what time only's are for.

   Know your responsibility as a judge- if you need help, please ask a board member


  Judging Sheet:You are assigned an event for the entire year.  It is your responsibility to get a substitute if necessary    and notify the  announcer box.  FAILURE to report for judging in the arena and ready within two (2) minutes of being      called will result in the loss of 15 points for that show.  There will be a two (2) calls for judges at arena ready

  BE SURE TO READ THE BY-LAWS! It is every member's responsibility to read and understand the By-Laws in its            entirety.  

  Sponsorship: Payment is due by the March 9th ,2024 show to be eligible for year-end awards. A minimum of           $100 per membership is required. Sponsorship enables the Association to host the scheduled event as well as     providing funds for Year End Awards. The more   sponsors we get, the better our Year End awards will be.