The Las Vegas Gymkhana Association is a State of Nevada registered non-profit organization that was founded in January 2013.  We welcome new riders and foster a family oriented environment where everyone feels welcome. We support riders of all ages: from barely old enough to sit on a horse to those that have flourished over the years.  We are dedicated to the horse and encourage the owners of backyard horses, pasture ornaments, performance and show horses to participate.  We strive to provide participants, spectators, families and sponsors a sense of community support, fun, excitement and reward.  This is about fast, friendly competition where everyone feels welcome regardless of their ability, horse breeding or their age of their trailer.​ This is about you, about me, about us!

  Gymkhana: Is a timed obstacle racing on horseback.  
  It's one of the most exciting family oriented equestrian
  sports in the world. Gymkhana is the action packed,
  precision sport of the equestrian world.  A good
  gymkhana horse has the speed of a race horse and 
  the agility of a cutting horse. 

  Age Groups: We have a Lead Line/Pee Wee division.  

  The break-down for each age group is as follows:

   Pee Wee's (7 years old & under)

   12 years old & Under

   13 - 17 years old

   18 years old & Over


  Events: Barrels, Poles and a Rotating event (a list of
  all scheduled rotating events for the season can             be found in the By-Laws).  PeeWee's run two (2)   events: barrels and three P's.

  Awards:  Prizes are awarded for every show: Ribbons

  1st-10th with High Point and Reserve High Point

  receiving a special incentive every show.