If you need stalls/hookup call

HSA Caretaker at:


  Helmets are Mandatory for ages 17 

and under & recommended for all Riders!

Sponsors Make our World Go Round!

Look at our photo galleries! See what your sponsorship means to our Riders! Banners, Buckles, Barrel Sponsors and More! Get real exposure to your business and help out our 501C-3 Non Profit!!!

2023-2024 SEASON!


When you click on the event form button above, you will see that the MEMBERSHIP fee is $40 and the FAMILY MEMBERSHIP is $80. IF you obtain a sponsor, the fee is waived. Our basic Entry Fee is changed to $45 for all. This is to ensure end of year awards continue to have the value represented at this year's banquet. The LVGA Waiver Form does not require a Notary. Here is the checklist for your convenience: Copy of Driver's License or Govt ID card of Participants 18 and over.  Minor's birth certificate (only for minors under age 18 along with Parent or Guardian's Copy of Driver's License or Govt ID. Signed acknowledgment of ByLaws (see last page of bylaws)

​Western-wear is required. Button down Western shirts can be short-sleeved and or rolled up. Jeans, Boots, etc. An option is a LVGA Shirt. We have a limited supply at this time, however, we will be taking orders and sizes for our October Events!

We are SO looking forward to a great season! We are growing again, thanks to more involvement of members on the board and more members involved in other ways. We have an Advisory Board that you may be a part of! 

Recommend arrival at least 1.5 hours early.

Next Event:

May 4th @ 9am

​Rotating: Hour Glass!

  Time Only Runs:

​    $3.00 per run or 2 runs for $5.00

​   Non-Eligible Members: TO's $5.00 per run

​    All participants must sign an HSA release &  LVGA waiver and read our by laws before you are permitted to enter the arena. IF you are under 18 years of age, you must have a copy of your Birth Certificate unless you have a drivers license or Non-Driver I.D. Your Parent/Guardian must present a valid Govt. I.D. (N.E.'s) Non Eligibles ARE LVGA members that sign up for Time Only's and do not participate as a regular member. They are not eligible for any points, awards, and pay full price IF attending our annual banquet. 

SEPTEMBER 16 @ 9am

Rotating Event - Speed Barrels

OCTOBER 27 @ 6pm

Rotating Event - Birangle

OCTOBER 28 @ 12 Noon

Rotating Event - Diamond

NOVEMBER 11 @ 9am

Rotating Event - Horseshoe


Rotating Event-Mountain Cowhorse


Rotating Event - Keyhole Stake


Rotating Event - Butterfly


Rotating Event - Flags


Rotating Event - Big M

MAY 4 @ 9am

Rotating Event - Hourglass



Great News: IF you e mail Megan at: LVGA.megan@gmail.com and send her the riders information by the Wednesday before the event, she will fill out the Entry/Registration form for you so all you will have to worry about is signing the form, sending in or bringing in your payment! Prefer payment sent in in advance via pay pal or Zelle! But you can bring in check or cash day of event!

Due to the weather forecast POLES will be our first event today!

We are unsure there will be food/drink service so please

​come prepared with snacks, drinks, etc.

All shows are held at:

​Henderson Saddle Association

​6490 Weisner Way

​Henderson, NV 89011.